The Advantages of Small Hot Tubs

For many, hot tubs are a staple of casual luxury, but a typical hot tub may not make sense to every lifestyle. If space or money is tight, you may think a hot tub just isn’t viable. However, there has been a recent rise in the popularity of small hot tubs, which can be much more accessible. Unlike regular hot tubs, these usually only accommodate 2 to 3 people, but for a small gathering or a romantic evening, they’re the perfect size. In fact, in many respects, they outmatch their larger cousins.

small hot tubs


A regular hot tub will almost always cost in the thousands of dollars, and sometimes even the tens of thousands, but it’s easy to find miniature hot tubs online for as little as three or four hundred. If you think you might like a hot tub but worry you can’t afford one, then a smaller version might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Or, if you’re thinking about buying a larger jacuzzi, but don’t want to spend that much money until you’re sure you’ll use it, this could be a good way of dipping your toe in.



Typically, a hot tub is an enormous installation which cannot be moved without great difficulty. However small hot tubs, particularly the less expensive varieties, can simply be filled with a regular garden hose, plugged into the wall, and heat up. To transport them, it’s easy to just drain the water, unplug the tub, and pick it up. Some can even be strapped to an SUV, making them perfect for weekends away.



At the end of the day, small hot tubs are just that – small. Some people have plenty of space for an enormous Jacuzzi, but a lot of us don’t. If you have a small terrace that you’d love to relax on or just a regular house that simply doesn’t have the space to accommodate a regular sized hot tub, this could be a perfect compromise. Some tubs nowadays are even small enough to fit into a typical bathroom or narrow back porch! If you dream of having a Jacuzzi but simply don’t have the space, this could be the perfect solution.


Since they offer so many great advantages in price, portability, and size, for many people, small hot tubs have become a great way to fit the relaxation of a Jacuzzi into their lifestyles. If you’ve been thinking about a classic hot tub but aren’t sure you can manage it, why not consider getting smaller tub?

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